Research Collections on Microfilm and Fiche

In the past, libraries stored important primary source documents on film. To find microfilmed collections at UNLV Libraries, use this database and search using broad keywords.

For example, a search for Vietnam will display various collections related to the U.S. war in Vietnam, including CIA reports, military analysis, and underground newspapers documenting anti-war protests.

However, searching for Lyndon Johnson Vietnam has no results, even though many of the documents would include his name, because the tool only searches collection titles and brief summaries.

If keyword searches are unsuccessful, you can browse collections by subject or view all collection titles.

The database provides call numbers for locating collections in film cabinets on the 2nd floor. Each collection has a table of contents or printed index that shows the reel or fiche numbers. Note that document images are not searchable. Printed finding aids are stored at the east end of the compact shelving on the 2nd floor, to the left of the tutoring area.

For personal use, you can scan microfilm documents to PDF or other image formats using the instructions in the binder located at each scanner.

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How to read an entry

Call Number:

Needed to locate the collection.

Title of the Collection  

Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication


(microfilm, microfiche) [microfilm is in white-tagged drawers, microfiche is in yellow-tagged drawers]

Subject Category:

Category that this collection belongs to

Collection dates:

The historical period covered by this collection


Where this collection is located in the library


Brief description of the collection: what it covers, who created it, what kinds of documents can be found in it.

Finding Aids:

Many collections are very large and cover several sheets of fiche or rolls of film. Large collections may contain published or microfilmed guides that will help you locate a specific document within the collection.

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