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A research impact challenge is an event that challenges researchers to complete daily tasks for a certain period of time to learn about citation metrics, altmetrics, and other ways to increase the impact and reach of their scholarly research. The annual challenge hosted by the University Libraries takes place over 5 days during the fall semester.

By participating in the challenge, you will learn more about telling the story of how your scholarly research impacts your field, the community, and the world, which is an important part of increasing and maintaining your scholarly reputation. Demonstrating research impact helps to show the importance of your work, and how it affects and influences different communities within your discipline and outside of it. Sharing your research widely also helps to raise the profile of UNLV as a whole. 

For further reading and resources related to the challenge, please visit our Demonstrate Impact and Manage Your Scholarly Reputation library guide.

2022 Research Impact Challenge

Each day during the week of October 3-7, 2022, there will be a new daily challenge for you to complete. Completing each daily task is optional - you can complete one day’s challenge, a few days, or complete them all. This year, there are also daily events (such as workshops) and bonus challenges tied to each challenge. Attendance at these events or completion of a bonus challenge is optional, and is not required to complete a challenge. Once you’ve completed that day’s challenge, fill out our Google Form to let us know that you’ve participated.

Participants will be entered to win a prize package, which includes University Libraries’ swag, ORCID swag, your scholarship featured on the Digital Scholarship@UNLV home page, and your scholarship showcased on University Libraries’ social media. The winner will also be announced in UNLV Today. Each day you register your participation, your name is entered to win the prize package and increases your chances of winning. 

These daily challenges will help you to:

  • Curate your online presence
  • Make your scholarly works more discoverable and accessible
  • Leverage the tools and services available through the University Libraries to tell your research’s story and demonstrate its impact
  • Track citations and other mentions of your scholarship

Daily challenges

The first challenge will be available Monday, October 3, 2022.

If you have any questions, need assistance with a daily challenge, or want to learn more about ways to increase the reach and impact of your scholarship, please reach out to Christina Miskey, Scholarly Communication Librarian for Research Infrastructure, at

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