Course Reserves

About Course Reserves

Course Reserves is a collection of course-related books available for a shorter check out period in the library. Reserve materials support academic programs and student learning at UNLV. It is a service the University Libraries offer to faculty and instructors in UNLV to put specific physical materials on reserve to make them available for students in their class.

Information for Students

Check Availability

To check the availability of books for your courses, please search by Course Name or Instructor Name in the Course Reserves Search.

Enter course name (e.g., "eng 102") or professor's name.

Check Out Process

  • After you verify the book you need is available to check out, go to the Circulation Desk and ask a staff member for assistance
  • Please have the title of the book and the course name (Ex. ENG 102). If there is a specific edition you need let staff know that as well. 
  • Most reserve items will have a 2-hour or End of Day check out period. 
  • Course Reserve books may not be requested OR put on hold OR reserved ahead of time. They are checked out on a first come first serve basis. 

CSUN Textbook Reserve Sponsorship

CSUN logo for the CSUN Textbook sponsorship

In an effort to help alleviate the impact of high textbook costs on students, the UNLV Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada (CSUN) provides generous support to the University Libraries to purchase high-cost textbooks required for courses with high enrollment. Thanks to this generous sponsorship the library is able to offer access to more than 400 required textbooks to students. The University Libraries would like to thank CSUN for choosing us as one of the campus organizations they support and for their unwavering advocacy for our students. 

Not all textbooks required in all courses taught at UNLV will be available in the CSUN Textbook Collection. Use the Course Reserves Search Bar and search by Course Name to view availability of textbooks.

Information for Faculty & Instructors

Course Reserves Policy

  • Complete the course reserves request form. 
  • Bring the items you would like to put on reserve to the desk. If you would like us to retrieve the items from the stacks for you please indicate so on the submission form.
    • Please make sure the call numbers are complete on the submission form so we can retrieve the correct title.
  • If you need a specific edition only please indicate so on the submission form.
  • We recommend that you submit your reserves requests at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. This allows enough time for items to be ready the first day of the semester. Please allow for extra processing time if items need to be recalled or purchased. 
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for your item(s) to be processed before you let your students know the items are on reserve. If you would like to be notified when your item has been processed please indicate so on the submission form. 
  • If there is a book you would like to put on reserve but the library does not own a copy please contact your liaison librarian. We may not be able to purchase certain textbooks but we will try to accommodate your request or help you find an alternative. 
  • You may put a personal copy of an item on reserve if we cannot accommodate your purchase request. 
  • The library is not responsible for lost or damaged personal copies. Students may use these items heavily; we cannot guarantee the condition when they are returned to you. 
  • All reserves items are removed at the end of the semester and returned to stacks. Personal items will be returned to the instructor’s office or departmental if the faculty member cannot be contacted unless a request to have them on reserve for another term is received prior to the end of the semester. 
  • We do not offer permanent reserves. Reserves requests must be submitted every academic year if you select all 3 terms for the item to be on reserve.  
  • If clarification or review of reserves requests is needed, instructors must respond to correspondence from library staff in order to continue uninterrupted use of the course reserves service. If after one month of sent correspondence instructors have not responded items will be taken off reserve and returned to the stacks or the departmental office. 
  • We cannot accept photocopies of articles, chapters, or readings to be put on reserve. We encourage you to link articles in our databases in your course shell on WebCampus. 
  • For more information or questions about Course Reserves, please contact Reserves at

By placing items on reserve for your students, you assume responsibility for the copyright/fair use evaluation of all materials before submitting them to the library for processing.

We do not offer electronic reserves. We suggest you embed permalinks of e-books and articles in our collection in your Course Shell. For information on adding links into WebCampus, visit the Libraries’ Webcampus ToolKit.

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