Course Reserves

Placing Items On Reserve

Bring the material you want placed on reserve to the Music Library, along with a completed and signed copy of the course reserve request form. The general turnaround time for processing of new reserves is 1-2 working days. During high-volume periods (such as the first two weeks of the semester), processing may take a bit longer.

Electronic Reserves are not supported by the Music Library

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Circulation Policy

Music Reference and non-circulating materials may only be placed on reserve for 2-hour in-house use.

Print materials (Books, Scores) and media items may be placed on reserve for 2-hour in-house use only, 24-hour checkout, 3-day checkout, or 7-day checkout.

Only the instructor who has requested an item for reserve may remove the item from the course reserve list. Exceptions may be made with the consent of the requesting instructor.

Removing Items From Reserve

All items will be removed from reserve the first working day following the completion of Final Exams for the current semester unless otherwise specified.

If you wish to remove an item from your reserve prior to the specified date, contact the Music Library via email to request the removal of items.

If in-person pickup of personal copy items has been requested, items will be kept on the hold shelf for one week, unless other arrangements for pickup have been made.