Study Rooms and Technology

Group study room available for reservation

  • Max 4 people
  • Available to current UNLV students for academic use only
  • Each room can be reserved for up to 3 hours, 14 days in advance

Room features

  • Table and 4 chairs
  • Large wall-mounted TV monitor for A/V playback with Mac mini mounted behind
  • Wall-mounted glassboard for brainstorming sessions
  • Power outlet (AC)
  • Wifi

Available for check out

  • Cables to connect your devices to the monitor
  • Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad for use with Mac mini

Computers and software

For use in the library

  • 1 catalog search station
  • 6 computer workstations, includes both productivity software and Finale music notation software

For check out

  • 3 laptops, includes productivity software
  • 2 MacBooks

Other tech equipment available for check out

  • Headphones
  • USB CD/DVD drives
  • External SD card readers

Printers and scanners in the library


Printers only accept payment via RebelCard or RebelCash guest card. Cash, coins, and credit/debit cards are not accepted.

  • Black and white: 3 cents per page/side
  • Color: 40 cents per page/side

Book scanner

Handles books up to 17 x 24 inches and is gentle on delicate spines.

Scans are free to email or save to a USB drive.

To print scanned documents, pay with RebelCard or RebelCash guest card.

  • Black and white: 3 cents per page/side
  • Color: 40 centers per page/side