Course Reserves FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put something on Reserve for my course?

Faculty & instructors can put an item on reserve by filling out the Course Reserve Request Form. If the item is part of our regular collection we can pull the item for you. There is no need for you to visit the Circulation Desk. If the item is a Personal Copy you can either bring it to the Circulation Desk or send it through Inter Campus Mail (address it to Course Reserves Mailbox # 7005). Please make sure you have submitted the Media & Book Reserve form before you bring your item to the Circulation Desk. If you would like to request the library purchases an item to put on reserve please contact your liaison librarian and they will assist you. 

How long does it take for an item to be ready for check out for my students after I submit a reserve request?

The turnaround time depends on the time of the semester and the department that is processing the request. Lied Reserves requests can take up to 72 hours. During the first 2 weeks of the semester items may take longer to process. If you would like to be notified when your item(s) is ready for check out please indicate so in the submission form. We recommend that you submit your requests at least 2 weeks before the semester starts so they can be processed and ready for check out the first week of the semester.

The item I want to put on reserve is owned by the library but it’s currently checked out, what should I do?

We can recall items checked out so they can be put on reserve but this process can take several weeks depending on when the item is returned. We recommend you submit your requests prior to the start of the semester for the best availability.

How long is the check out period of items on Reserve?

The checkout period for items on Reserve varies. Most items are available to check out for 2 hours, but some are available for longer. Faculty and Instructors set the check out period when they submit their Reserves Requests.

Are there any late fees if the items are returned late?

Yes, late fees for Reserves items are $1 per hour and begin one minute after the item is due. Late fees cap at $50. Students are responsible for knowing the time items are due.

Can I put other items on reserve for my course such as media items? Or is it limited to only books?

Course Reserves items are not limited to only books! Some examples of other items we accept for Reserve are audio-visual materials, microfilm/microfiche, electrical kits, and chemistry kits. Contact our Reserves staff if you have questions about an item you would like to put on reserve and we will try to accommodate your request.

How many Reserves items can students check out at a time?

Students can check out as many Reserves items as they need. Students are responsible for knowing the date and time each item is due.

Can I return Reserves items in bookdrops or any of the Library branches if I checked out the item from Lied?

We ask that you please return Reserves items to the Circulation desk at Lied Library to guarantee your items will be checked in on time.

Where are Course Reserve kept in the library?

In the Lied Library, the Architecture Studies Library and the Teacher Development and Resources Library, Course Reserves items are kept behind the Circulation Desk. Please ask Circulation Desk staff for assistance. 

In the Music Library, print Course Reserves are kept in the open stacks next to the Circulation Desk. A/V Course Reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk. Please ask Music Library staff for assistance.

I’m a student and I don’t know if the book I need is on Reserve, how do I find out?

You can search by Title in our Library Catalog or use the Course Reserves Search Bar on the main Course Reserves Page and search by Course Name  (Ex. ENG 102). You can also ask Circulation Desk staff for assistance. Please make sure you know the Title of the book and the Course Name (Ex. ENG 102). If you need a specific edition let Circulation staff know that as well. You will need your RebelCard and to be a current student to check out Course Reserves items.

How do I get more information about copyright?

See Copyright Resources

Who do I contact with questions about placing items on reserve?

Lied Library

Architecture Studies Library

Holly Samayoa

Music Library

Michael Platte

Teacher Development & Resources Library

Katherine Keller

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