Data and GIS Services

We provide consultations and partner with instructors on topics related to data visualization and GIS.

NOTE: At this time, due to staff vacancies, the libraries can only offer guides (linked at the bottom of the page) to support data management and other data topics outside of GIS and data visualization.

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Consultation and instruction topics include

  • Data Visualization: We can assist you with questions regarding the design, development, analysis, and interpretation of data visualizations. In addition to providing individual consultations, we can arrange instruction around principles and supported software. Discover more in our Data Visualization Guide.
  • GIS: Check out our GIS page. Listed below are ways we can assist you with GIS.
    • Finding and creating spatial data: We can help you locate appropriate data sources as well as advise on the design and development of data collection and creation methods, including digitizing and remote sensing.
    • Spatial data analysis: We can advise on questions and topics related to spatial data analysis, such as geoprocessing tools, GIS programming, geostatistics, quantitative methods, and modeling uncertainties.
    • Spatial data management: We can advise on best practices regarding data cleaning, organization, versioning, web applications, publication, accessibility, and inclusivity.
    • Geospatial engagement: We can help you discover which GIS web applications (StoryMaps, Dashboards, Experience Builder, etc.) are appropriate for your situation. In addition we can advise on best practices in terms of accessibility and inclusivity to help your project capture your audience.
    • Additional support: We can advise you on topics related to introductory programming with Python for data visualization purposes.

Trainings and workshops

We can provide workshops on data visualization and GIS topics for groups of 3 or more with at least 3 weeks notice.  To request a workshop, please contact our Data Visualization and GIS Specialist at You may also view upcoming library workshops.


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