UNLV Research Data Services Index

The Research Data Services Index centralizes information about UNLV research data services and organizes them under common research data needs: planning, data collection, short term data storage and file sharing, analysis, publishing and reuse, and long term storage. Generally, many of these services are available to all campus users - though there are exceptions.


Effectively managing research data requires a plan. Service providers listed below will help save you headaches in the near term, encourage reproducibility, and comply with funder research data management requirements.

Data collection

Collecting or generating data (qualitative, quantitative, geospatial, etc.) is a fundamental part of the research process. The following service providers will help you work through tasks like designing a survey, protect the rights and welfare of research subjects, and identify data sources.

Short term data storage and file sharing

Research requires data sharing between collaborators at UNLV and beyond while the research is in process. The following services will help you with short term data storage and file sharing.


Data analysis is a key step in the research process. Services and centers below provide access to a range of consulting, equipment, and general information resources.

Publishing and reuse

Identifying venues for publication, metadata standards that help people find your work, and workthing through intellectual property and copyright questions can be challenging. The libraries provide the following services to help you navigate this space.

Long term storage and repositories

Publication increasingly requires providing long term access to associated data. The following resources and services will help you secure the most appropriate place for provide long term access to your data.

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