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Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Coco & Clair Clair

Coco & Clair Clair are a pop duo from Atlanta, Georgia. Both girls rap and sing co-written lyrics that take a humorous approach to love and heartbreak. They describe themselves as a, “couple of girls that love to have fun.” Their music can be found on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify!

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Music Library Highlighted Venues: Amargosa Opera House

Amargosa Opera House

Originally constructed in the early 1920’s, the Amargosa Opera House was renovated in 1967 by Marta Becket. This historic building is located in Death Valley Junction, California- just under 2 hours from the Las Vegas Strip. Marta Becket painted the inside of the hall in the early 1970’s to look like a 16th century Spanish court, which can still be seen today. The opera house still hosts performances from October to May. Connected to the opera house is a cafe to grab lunch and a 16 room hotel, also featuring paintings by Becket.

See a 360 degree picture of the hall and more information on the property.

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Music Library Highlighted Venues: Palacio de Bellas Artes

Palacio de Bella Artes (The Palace of Fine Arts) is located in Mexico City. Murals by some of the most famous Mexican artists, along with exhibition halls for sculpture and painting can be found in the performance space. The space is also home to the National Museum of Architecture and even the National Theater. It has held events in opera, dance, music, art, and literature. Its performance hall has 1,000 seats. 

Information pulled from: Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes)

Do a Virtual Walkthrough of the Palacio de Bellas Artes here: 

Music Library Artist Highlight Series: The Newton Brothers

The Newton Brothers, Andy Grush and Taylor Newton Stewart, are a pair of composers working together on mainly horror and thriller soundtracks for TV and film. They both started their interest in music at very young ages, and take inspiration from things like Puccini operas. Their work can be seen in Doctor Sleep (2019), The Haunting of Hill House (2018), Extinction (2018), Hush (2016), and Oculus (2013). 

Information and photo pulled from the Newton Brothers website.

Find The Newton Brothers on Youtube:

Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser is a male a capella group from Indiana known for their covers of pop and holiday songs. The group originally formed in 1996 and disbanded in 1999 after graduating from Indiana University in Bloomington. After an old video posted in 2006 went viral, they reunited to record their first album under Atlantic Records. The first album the release in 2008 was titled Holiday Spirits, and have since recorded a total of 7 albums. Their music covers multiple genres and some songs even feature known celebrities.

Find more information at their website here:

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Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Simón Grossmann

Simón Grossmann

Simon Grossmann is a Venezuelan-American singer and songwriter who is based in Miami.  Like many others, he began his musical journey with a guitar on the edge of his bed but unlike many others he curiously got his first break after performing as a camp counselor at a summer camp. The campers and his co-counselors shared his music, which was enough to inspire Simon to record these songs professionally, giving life to his debut album ”Ciclo” (2017).

His warm voice and powerful songwriting has caught the attention of many, and he has performed all across Latin America and the US. Sometimes described as the “Latin Jack…Read More

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