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UNLV Music Library Artist Highlight Series: ionnalee

ionnalee is the alias of Jonna Lee, a swedish singer/songwriter, record producer, and visual director. She is also the vocalist of the band iamwhoami. ionnalee's music can be listened to on spotify and apple music!

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Music Library Highlighted Venues: Teatro Regio Torino

Teatro Regio Torino

This theater, Teatro Regio Torino, is located in Turin, Italy. Known for its ballet, concerts, and musicals, and operas, the building dates all the way back to 1740 and is known as one of the largest opera houses internationally. In 1936, it perished in a fire and took almost forty years to rebuild. The theater has a capacity of 1,500. The venue aims to house unique theater proposals while also inviting artists like Michele Mariotti and Robert Carsen.

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UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Auditorio de Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife

The creation of this auditorium was decades in the making, starting back in 1970 with the idea’s inception, leading up to the completion of its construction in 1997. Since then, it has become an iconic symbol of the Canary Islands due to its spectacular appearance and status as one of the quintessential examples of late 20th century Spanish architecture. It has come to host educational programs, conferences, and youth programs promoting the arts on top of the many concerts it holds. Its status as an icon of the area as well as the reputation it has garnered have given rise to the nickname “The Sydney of the Atlantic…

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UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall

In the 1950s, Larry Borenstein, an art dealer from Wisconsin, opened up an art gallery in French Quarter, New Orleans. To improve its ambiance, Borenstein invited local jazz performers to play and draw more attention to the art. By 1961, the art gallery was turned into a full-time jazz venue by Allan and Sandra Jeffe. Since then, their son, Ben, has taken over the business and made expansions. Preservation Hall now is home to its Jazz band and welcomes touring bands as well. 

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UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Teatro Degollado

Teatro Degollado (Degollado Theater) is located in Guadalajara, Mexico. This opera house opened in 1866 and has been renovated many times since it has been built. The performance hall can hold 1,015 spectators, and has hand-painted murals along its walls. It is said that this theater is meant to be a representation of Guadalajara’s culture. 

All information pulled from GDL Tours: Degollado Theater

Find a virtual walkthrough of the venue here:

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UNLV Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Michael Abels

Michael Abels was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Abels studied at University of Southern California and at the California Institute for the Arts. He is a composer, and has conducted orchestras, like the San Francisco Symphony, as well. He is also a co-founder of the Composers Diversity Collective. This Collective aims to advocate for visibility of film composers of color. Most recently, he has worked with Jordan Peele to create the soundtracks of Get Out (2017) and Us (2019). 

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Find Abels’ Music and Projects On: 

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UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Spectrum Amphitheatre

Located in Bakersfield, California, the Spectrum Amphitheatre is centered in The Park at River Walk. It is an outdoor amphitheatre surrounded by two lakes, a river, and bike paths. The park opened in 2006 and has hosted concerts (Slightly Stoopid, Kenny G, The Beach Boys, Ziggy Marley, and Willie Nelson) festivals (Halloween Fiesta, Fakeapalooza, and Gospel Fest), family events, and much more.

Check out Spectrum Amphitheatre website in the future for events.

For an arial view of the park, look here:

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UNLV Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Reol

Reol was originally a Japanese music group that featured vocalist and lyricist Reol, music arranger GigaP, and movie director/producer Okiku. Members Reol and GigaP have provided vocals to several Japanese vocaloids including, most notably, Hatsune Miku. The group disbanded in 2017, but Reol still produces music under the same name. Reol mainly writes Japanese pop and hip-hop.

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Music Library Artist Highlight Series: DAMARIS


Damaris is an upcoming alternative rock band based in Las Vegas. This group is headed by female vocalist and guitarist Damaris Swails, along with guitarist James Warren, bassist Morgan Wright, and drummer Chad Henley. Their music isn’t meant to be merely listened to; it is meant to be sung and danced to. The vocals are heartfelt cries, the guitar and bass harmonies create emotion, and the rhythm of the drums bring everything together. The group released their debut album in 2019, and are currently working on their second album.

For updates and videos of…

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Music Library Highlighted Venues: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a venue for performing arts that sits on the Sydney Harbor in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Its conception started in the late 1940s when Eugene Goossens, the director of NSW State Conservatorium of Music, called for a proper venue for theoretical productions. In 1955, NSW Premier Joseph Cahill launched an international design competition to find an architect to design a venue. The winner was Jorn Utzon, a dutch architect.

Jorn Utzon originally designed the structure, but he was later replaced by architect Peter Hall who finished the construction. The project started in March 1959 and took 14 years and 102 million dollars to complete. The final product consists of multiple stages and facilities including a Concert Hall, Proscenium Theatre, Drama Theatre, Recording Studio, and Outdoor Forecourt. Check out a virtual tour below!

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