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Music Library Media Highlight Series: Modern Drummer Festival 2010

From Hudson Music and Modern Drummer comes Modern Drummer Festival 2010. A two-disc DVD package containing over 5 hours of superior drumming content along with a printable PDF eBook that contains transcriptions from select performances and other educational information! 

The festival was held in May of 2010 in the Memorial Auditorium at Montclair State University, New Jersey. This year’s festival offered a unique lineup of world class drummers that encompass multiple playing styles and musical genres. Drummers such as Benny Greb (3erGezimmeR), Stanton Moore (Galactic), Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Review) , and Chris Coleman (Prince)  are featured in this year's DVD collection.

Interested in Watching the physical copy of this DVD? A loanable copy of Modern Drummer Festival 2010, is available in the Music Library! Find it in our catalog here: 

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Music Library Highlighted Album: Post Malone's, Hollywood's Bleeding

Post Malone’s album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, was released on September 6, 2019. The album was highly anticipated, and even Post Malone wasted no time getting to work on it. Very soon after releasing his previous album, he tweeted that he was beginning writing what would be, Hollywood’s Bleeding. It took about 1 year and a couple months in total for Post Malone (and other contributors to the project) to write, record and produce the album.

The album is made up of 17 tracks, with hit singles like “Wow,” “Goodbyes,” and “Circles” released in advance. The album is mainly categorized as hip-hop, however, tracks like “Take What You Want” featuring Travis Scott and Ozzy Osbourne, and “Allergic” gave off a more alternative vibe. Writer, Jayson Greene, from Pitchfork rated it a 6.8 out of 10, stating that “These moments—when he dares to suck, gloriously and bravely—is when Post Malone ascends.” 

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Music Library Highlighted Album: Adele's, 25

In 2015 Adele released her album, 25. It falls under pop, but is also considered soul. The 11 track album, with 3 bonus tracks, was released November 20, 2015. Before its release, singles “Hello,” “When We Were Young,” “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” and “Water Under the Bridge” gave listeners a preview of the upcoming album. Billboard ’s Jody Rosen, gave the album four stars, writing that the album reminds us “the pop audience craves catharsis even more than it does a hot dance beat.” 

It took her (and several other collaborators on the project) about 2 years to produce, record, and write the album. According to Adele in one Rolling Stone article, the birth of her son was one of the factors for the album’s delay. However, the long amount of time did not stop Adele from putting out one of the best soulful pop albums to date.  

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Music Library Highlighted Venues: Paramount Theatre (Oakland)

Photograph from: HABS photographic collection at Library of Congress

Paramount Theatre is in Oakland, California and was opened in 1931. It is a Depression-era building, with its construction started by Publix Theatres and then sold to Fox-West Coast Theatres. The name, Paramount Theatre was kept, however, and then the building was sold again in 1972 to the Board of Directors of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association. Now, the theatre is home to the Oakland Symphony, while also hosting pop music concerts, variety shows, and movies. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Earth, Wind & Fire, Erykah Badu, and many other famous artists have all taken on the Paramount’s stage. 

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Music Library Performance Highlight Series: Horowitz in Moscow

Born in Kiev, Vladimir Horowitz soon acquired an international fame for his interpretation of the Romantic repertoire and his incredible virtuosity. Nicknamed the "Titan of the Piano," "Satan on the Keyboard" or "The King of the Piano," Vladimir Horowitz left an imperishable mark on the public's mind and was admired by all his peers, including Clara Haskil, Martha Argerich, Sviatoslav Richter, to name but a few.

This programme features a recording of Horowitz's historic recital in Moscow (works by Scarlatti, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann and Moszowski), as well as highlights of his return to Soviet Union – his first visit to his native country in 61 years (sourced from

Below is my favorite piece from the concert, which can be listened to on Spotify.

UNLV Music Library Venue Highlight Series: The Dispensary Lounge

The Dispensary Lounge has been a Las Vegas institution for upwards of 40 years and in the last decade, home to one of the valley’s best Jazz Clubs. Uli Geissendoerfer is the curator of the Jazz Club at The Dispensary Lounge and is an educator at UNLV in the Jazz and Commercial Music Department. The Dispensary Lounge is a staple venue for the students of UNLV's Jazz program, because it provides a real-world gigging environment reminiscent of the New York Jazz Club scene. A must visit for all jazz enthusiasts!

Music Library Highlighted Venues: Kauffman Center

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The theater holds about 1,800 seats. It hosts a large number of events related to music, opera, theater, and dance. The Kauffman Center is home to the Kansas City Ballet, Lyric Opera, and the Kansas City Symphony. It has also hosted performers like Idina Menzel, Aretha Franklin, and Yo-Yo Ma.

All information pulled from

Check out the venue here: 

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Music Library Artist Highlight Series: The Marías

The Marías

Created and named after María Reál alongside her boyfriend Josh Conway, the couple creates dreamy pop, jazz-like, funk music. Reál also incorporates some Spanish lyrics into their songs. They produce and record their own music in their apartment in Los Angeles. The Marías rose to the ranks slowly in the club scene and gained great awareness of their band in 2017. Reál, Puerto-Rican bred and raised in Atlanta, is the band's lead singer, while Conway, a Los Angeles local, plays the drums during live performances. They play alongside Jesse Perlman (guitar), Edward James (keyboard), and Gabe Steiner (trumpet). 

Information pulled from All Music website.

Find them on Spotify:

UNLV Music Library Highlighted Venues: Dalhalla


Dalhalla is an outdoor amphitheater sitting in a former limestone quarry in Rattvik, Dalarna, Sweden. The stage stands at 200 ft below ground level and is about 570 ft wide. The quarry was in use until 1990 and was transformed into an outdoor theatre in 1995 to take advantage of its acoustics.

The venue usually holds around 20 to 30 performances each summer from June to September, when temperatures are at their peak. Performers from every genre are welcomed, including opera singers, jazz bands, and rock bands. Popular rock artists Pink Floyd and Lionel Richie have been some of the few to have the pleasure of performing on this beautiful stage.

UNLV Music Library Artist Highlight Series: ionnalee

ionnalee is the alias of Jonna Lee, a swedish singer/songwriter, record producer, and visual director. She is also the vocalist of the band iamwhoami. ionnalee's music can be listened to on spotify and apple music!

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