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Important Things to Know for Music Library Reopening

With students back on campus for the Fall 2020 semester, here are some procedures and changes being instituted in the Music Library as safety precautions.

First, ALL students and faculty are required to have their Rebel IDs AND a face covering to enter the library. These will be checked at the door for entry. Public patrons must have an appointment to enter the library.

Facial coverings MUST be worn at all times. 6 feet of distance from other patrons must be kept at all times as well. DO NOT leave unattended items in the library.

All food and drink (including water bottle containers) are prohibited in the library. There are no exceptions.

Upon entering the library, signage is located on the floor, indicating which direction to walk in order to ensure safe distances from other patrons in the library.

If you are returning books, use the book drop box which can be located as soon as you walk in the library entrance. DO NOT bring…

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Helpful Guide To Searching For Items In The Library

  1. Visit UNLV Libraries Website (
  2. Enter any keywords into the search bar
  3. Once results have loaded, go to the “refine my results” section on the right side of the page OR for mobile devices, go to the top and click the filter icon.
  4. To find physical copies of materials located in the Libraries, find and select ”Music Library” or ”Lied Library”
  5. After clicking on your preferred filters, hit the ”APPLY FILTERS” button.
  6. Once the page is loaded you can sort through the results or add more filters for a specific title
  7. After you have found the title you are looking for, click on the title and find its call number (ex. M1010. M57. T43. 2005)
  8. Use this call number to find the title in the book stacks. If you cannot find the title, bring the call number to the front desk and ask for help!
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