Important Things to Know for Music Library Reopening

With students back on campus for the Fall 2020 semester, here are some procedures and changes being instituted in the Music Library as safety precautions.

First, ALL students and faculty are required to have their Rebel IDs AND a face covering to enter the library. These will be checked at the door for entry. Public patrons must have an appointment to enter the library.

Facial coverings MUST be worn at all times. 6 feet of distance from other patrons must be kept at all times as well. DO NOT leave unattended items in the library.

All food and drink (including water bottle containers) are prohibited in the library. There are no exceptions.

Upon entering the library, signage is located on the floor, indicating which direction to walk in order to ensure safe distances from other patrons in the library.

If you are returning books, use the book drop box which can be located as soon as you walk in the library entrance. DO NOT bring books or any materials up to the front desk. You will be asked to drop them in the drop box.

After returning scores, or touching any materials, materials will be quarantined for precisely FOUR days. Plan ahead and check out any materials in advance in order to avoid difficulties with other borrowers.

To check out items, head to the front desk. When checking out materials, do not place or slide materials OR Rebel IDs under the shield on the counter. Simply hold your Rebel ID up to the shield, wait for it to be scanned, then hold up the barcode of the material(s) to be scanned as well. When finished scanning, slide all materials on the demagnetizer located right next to the check out station.

Refrain from touching many materials, and put any unwanted material on the carts located in the center of the library.

Computers have been spaced out, to ensure social distancing. This goes for tables and study carols as well which will be cleaned throughout the day.

The group study room is LIMITED to an occupancy of two people at the most. Erasable markers are available at the front desk.

The Music Library wishes you a great semester!

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