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Introducing the Music Library’s ‘Mood Booster’ Playlist

Introducing the Music Library’s ‘Mood Booster’ Playlist

Written by: Arianna Castro, Journalism and Media Studies 

The Music Library staff collected some of the most uplifting music for students and faculty that are looking for a “pick me up” playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Looking to discover new music? Or want to dive back into some timeless hits? The Music Library staff has collected more than 10 hours of music for UNLV students and faculty to enjoy while social distancing at home. 

To make the playlist, student assistants from the Music Library were asked to pick their favorite songs that uplift them and boost their mood. Jade Vandruff, a double major in Music Education and Music Performance, said that the songs they picked out have personal memories connected to them. 

This playlist is comprised of artists like the Bee Gees, Neon Trees, J Boog, and many others. It also contains so many different genres…

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