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Linking to Digital Collections in WebCampus

The UNLV Libraries Digital Collections contains a diverse selection of images, audio, video, and more. You can either link externally to a digital collection or collection materials or export and import materials into your course. 

For instructions on adding the resources to your courses, see adding links in WebCampus.

Externally Linking to Digital Collections
  1. a. Once you find the collection or material to which you would like to link, copy the browser URL. It is ready to add to your course.
Screenshot demonstrating copying the URL from the address bar on the Digital Collections pages
  1. b. Once you find the collection to which you would like to link, right click on the URL.
  2. Select “Copy Link Address”. It is ready to add to your course.
Screenshot showing where to find the persistent link for an entire collection found on the Digital Collections site
Uploading Digital Collections to Your Course
  1. Once you find the material that you would like to add to your course, you can download the item by clicking on the arrow and hard drive icon “Download” dropdown menu. 
  2. Depending on the media, you may be able to select which size you would like to download.
Screenshot showing how to download an item from the Digital Collections site so it can be uploaded to a course page
  1. Once the file has downloaded, you may upload it to your course.

Canvas Instructor Guide Support

How do I upload a video using the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

How do I insert course images into the Rich Content Editor using the Content Selector as an instructor?

For additional support or to report an issue with adding library links in WebCampus, please contact Kevin Sebastian at

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