Collaborating with Your Librarian

Ways To Collaborate

Our librarians are here to support you and your students throughout your research at UNLV. From our general education librarians to our subject liaison librarians, who have expertise in the resources of your discipline, we are a great first point of contact for any questions about the Libraries. Find your subject liaison librarian and meet with a librarian today!

Here are some potential ways librarians can partner with you:

  • Providing research help to your students through
    • Holding "office hours" within your online course to answer research questions
    • Participating in a research discussion thread in your WebCampus course
    • Holding virtual or on-site library instructional sessions
  • Creating customized research guides (examples of course guides and subject guides)
  • Assisting with research assignment design
  • Identifying course materials available through the Libraries

How to Add Your Librarian to Your Course

You can also collaborate with your librarian within your course by enrolling them using the Librarian role in WebCampus. Contact your librarian for more information. 

Directions for adding a librarian to your WebCampus course.

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