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New Faces in Special Collections

By Su Kim Chung on June 3, 2016 6:00 PM | Permalink


Please join us in welcoming a number of new faces to UNLV Libraries Special Collections!

Two new permanent staff members joined Special Collections during the spring semester: Tammi Kim and Aaron Mayes 

Aaron Mayes, Visual Materials Curator, is responsible for developing the print and digital photograph collections of the UNLV Libraries through photography projects that document the region, identifying and working with potential donors of photograph collections, and providing expertise on the acquisition, storage, preservation, digitization and access of photograph collections.

Tammi Kim, Special Collections Technical Services Librarian, is responsible for managing the accessioning of incoming collections, assisting curators with transfer of collections, and planning processing projects. She will also work closely with born-digital materials and collaborate with stakeholders to manage UNLV’s web archiving initiatives.

In addition, a number of project staff will be working on important initiatives over the coming months relating to collection processing, oral history interviewing and transcribing, and documentary research.

Hannah Robinson and Lindsey Oden will serve as lead processing archivists on the NHPRC grant-funded processing project, "America’s Great Gamble: A Project to Promote the Discovery of Sources About the Expansion of Legalized Gambling Across the United States."  UNLV history graduate student Lee Hanover will serve as graduate assistant on the project, along with student assistant Hana Gutierrez.  

Student assistant Hana Gutierrez and graduate assistant Lee Hanover from the UNLV Department of History begin initial work on the Katherine Spilde Collection as part of the NHPRC-funded project "America’s Great Gamble: A Project to Promote the Discovery of Sources About the Expansion of Legalized Gambling Across the United States."

Melissa Dean will serve as  research assistant for the LSTA grant-funded documentary project on the history of African-Americans in Las Vegas that partners the UNLV Libraries with Vegas PBS.  Joseph Belmondo continues to work on transcribing our large collection of oral history tapes.

History graduate student Maryse Lundering-Timpano will be creating finding aids for our photograph collections, and architecture graduate students Jimmy Chang and Tyler Stanger will be organizing and describing our architectural collections.  

UNLV School of Architecture graduate students Jimmy Chang and Tyler Stanger work on processing architectural records in Special Collections, June 2016.

Lastly, beginning in July, Stefani Evans will serve as project manager for the oral history portion of the Builder's Project which will document the history of building, construction, and development in Las Vegas via the collection of documents and oral histories.