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Collection Highlight: Lifting the Lid on Early Photograph Albums by Melise Leech

By Su Kim Chung on August 2, 2018 2:06 PM | Permalink


Crowd watching sporting event at park opening in Los Angeles, CA, c. 1911

Melise Leech is an archival processing assistant  in UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives. 

Among the many interesting, unique, and important photograph collections in the UNLV Special Collections and Archives there are also smaller collections holding photographs that – while perhaps not as historically important– offer a glimpse of the lives and times of the people who owned them. These small collections hold photographs that open a window into what their owners considered important; family, home, work, holidays . . . even poignant momento mori taken to preserve the memory of a lost child. 

Collections as Data: The Process (and Complications) of Data Visualization by Doris Morgan Rueda

By Su Kim Chung on July 25, 2018 6:17 PM | Permalink

Images 1 & 2: Before (top) and after (bottom) item renaming process.

After providing an introduction to digital humanities and collections as data in her previous blog post, Doris Morgan Rueda now provides insight into the exploratory work she is conducting in Digital Collections with Thomas Padilla using over a thousand scanned images of costume designs that were digitized as part of our LSTA entertainment grant

Collections as Data & Digital History: Moving from Theory to Practice by Doris Morgan Rueda

By Su Kim Chung on July 23, 2018 1:01 PM | Permalink

Homepage collage for the Entertainment Collections

In her introductory blog post, Doris Morgan Rueda provides some perspective on the digital humanities research she has been undertaking this month in Digital Collections working with Thomas Padilla. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in History at UNLV with a concentration in North American Culture and Society and Public History, Morgan Rueda was hired to leverage her scholarly background in history to help us to explore Collections as Data concepts in the LSTA entertainment grant collection. With her help, we hope to learn and apply some concrete examples of how data visualization can be applied to our digital collections

Collection Highlight: Matthew O’Brien Papers by Tammi Kim

By Su Kim Chung on July 19, 2018 5:35 PM | Permalink


Photograph of Matthew O’Brien taken by Danny Mollohan for Beneath the Neon.  From the Matthew O'Brien Papers (MS-00849).

Tammi Kim, Accessioning Archivist in UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives, highlights one of the many collections she has organized over the past year. Her work is essential because it enables us to provide access to our donated collections in a timely fashion. 

The Visual Art of Printing: The Curious and Their Collections (Part III) by Peter Michel

By Su Kim Chung on June 15, 2018 11:05 AM | Permalink

From the German Baroque to Revolutionary France, with Bill Harrah’s playing cards in between, the art of printing and printmaking has captured the eye of collectors. This Reading Room exhibit highlights the visual arts of printing from three collections representing three very different collectors: a European scholar of literature, an unknown American collector of Napoleana, and a Nevada gaming mogul.

In the third and final part of this series on his exhibit "The Visual Art of Printing," curator Peter Michel considers an intiguing collection of Napoleana housed in Special Collections & Archives.

Title page: Siege and capture of the Palace of Tuileries from Tableaux Historiques de la Révolution Française, Jean Duplessi-Bertaux, 1817.

Eadington Fellow Tim Simpson: In Residence June 11 - July 6

By Su Kim Chung on June 14, 2018 1:37 PM | Permalink


We are delighted to welcome our latest Eadington Fellow, Dr. Tim Simpson, to the Center for Gaming Research in Special Collections & Archives.

Tim Simpson is Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, University of Macau, where he has worked since 2001. He is the co-author (with UK-based photographer Roger Palmer) of the volume Macao Macau (Black Dog Publishing, 2015), and editor of the book Tourist Utopias: Offshore Islands, Enclave Spaces and Mobile Imaginaries (Amsterdam University Press, 2017). He is currently working on a monograph, under contract with University of Minnesota Press, entitled Macau: Casino Capitalism and the Biopolitical Metropolis.

"Raising the Curtain": A Large-Scale Digitization Project at UNLV Libraries by Cory Lampert, Emily Lapworth & Sarah Jones

By Su Kim Chung on June 12, 2018 1:31 PM | Permalink


”Publicity Photographs” ent000158-001. Jerry Jackson Papers MS-00573. 

Cory Lampert, Head of Digitial Collections in UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives, and her colleagues Emily Lapworth (Digital Special Collections & Archives Librarian) and Sarah Jones (Visiting Special Collections & Archives Technical Services Librarian) "raise the curtain" on a fabulous new digital collection that has made it possible to access hundreds of documents and photos on Las Vegas entertainment history. 

Built Exhibit Highlight: SAHARA AVENUE by Aaron Mayes

By Su Kim Chung on June 6, 2018 1:59 PM | Permalink


Visual Materials Curator Aaron Mayes discusses the Sahara Avenue wall section of his BUILT exhibit which is currently on display on the 1st floor of Lied Library in his blog post, "Sahara Avenue: Dissecting the Built environment of the Las Vegas Valley As Seen Along one of the City’s Major Thoroughfares."

Opening reception for Built: A Photographic Survey of the Built Environment of the Las Vegas Valley exhibit at Lied Library. February 20, 2018. (Josh Hawkins/UNLV Creative Services)