Large Format (Poster) Printing

Large format printing is available at three campus libraries

Print requests are processed online using the request form.

When your print request is complete, you will receive an email to retrieve your print. Large format prints are charged to your library account and paid for at the Circulation Desk.


Large-format printing is available for current UNLV students, faculty, and staff with a valid RebelCard and ACE account.

Process time

Available Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Print requests require 2 business days to process, so please plan accordingly. Please be advised that service times are affected by University holidays.

Cost and payment

$4.00 per square foot

  • Partial linear feet are rounded up to the next foot
  • Same cost for all types of paper
    • Matte heavyweight coated (Lied and ASL only)
    • Semi-glossy

For credit card, cash, or RebelCard payments

Pay at Lied Library or TDRL over the phone or in person. ASL does not accept any form of payment.

For department journal voucher payments

Email one of the following:

Here are the prices for common sizes in inches. Templates are available for download.

Guidelines for printing

  • Posters can be printed up to 44 inches tall. Please design your poster so that at least one side is 44 inches or less.
  • Accepted file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, JPEG, and TIFF.
  • We briefly review files before printing. We do not provide proofreading services.
  • We can print CMYK profiled items, but we cannot offer "color perfect" service.
  • Use large images. Small, low resolution images from the web will be pixelated when printed.
  • Please design your poster at the exact printing dimension.
  • Once the print job has started, changes cannot be made. Library users are responsible for the cost of that print job plus the cost of any subsequent/altered prints.
  • Embed any special symbols or unusual fonts that are important for your project.

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