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Living to Dance: Tapping in Las Vegas

By Michelle Light on August 31, 2013 12:00 AM | Permalink

By Claytee White, Director of the UNLV Oral History Research Center

Dr. Marcia Robinson, Director of the West Las Vegas Arts Center, called my attention to a group of older women who enjoy tap dance classes at her facility several time per week. One Sunday afternoon, I met the leader of the group, Carolyn Freeman, wife of jazz great, Russ Freeman. Her enthusiasm captured my attention. That following week, Andres Moses, Regent Awards Program Student, and I went over with the video camera. The six septuagenarian and octogenarian women of diverse backgrounds were led through intricate steps by a young man fifty years their junior, Lindell Blake. Andres and I immediately scheduled interviews. Please enjoy and grow younger just by watching their moves and listening to their stories.