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Staff Directory, by Department

Aubin, Jason
Ayers, Angela
Brown, Jeanne
Cheng, Heng-Wei
Choi, Kee
Costello, Pam
Day, Annette
Deem, Terry
Fitt, Stephen
Gros-Louis, Amy
Hawthorne, Pat
Hoffman, Starr
Iannuzzi, Patricia
Jones, Jimmy
Kaplan, Kim
Kennedy, Sean
Lamb, Laurel
Marshall, Lonnie
Muellenbach, Joanne
Overstreet, Jerome
Pearson, Michael
Sandecki, Dan
Schuck, Brian
Smith, Scott
Sturak, Jonathan
Vaughan, Jason
Zhang, Xiaoyin
Architecture Library
Baskin, Steven
Cheng, James
Continuing Resources & Collections
Bradley, Lee
Dawson, Markita
Haslam, Michaelyn
Tucker, Cory
Voelker, Greg
Zwiercan, Richard
Digital Collections
Lampert, Cory
Lapworth, Emily
Marx, Kathleen
Discovery Services
Abbey, Aaron
Blunk, Becky
Carson, A.L.
Ford, Cyrus
Ou, Carol
Rankin, Kathy
Vent, Marilyn
Educational Initiatives
Bowles-Terry, Melissa
Del Bosque, Darcy
Lenker, Mark
Mitola, Rosan
Rinto, Erin
Watts, John
Weigel, Rachelle
Wintrol, Kate
External Relations
Aoki, Hugh
McCarthy, Kelly
Health Sciences Library
Rodriguez, Bredny
Thimons, Dana
Library Liaison Program
Finley, Priscilla
Godbey, Samantha
Goodman, Xan
Grays, Lateka
Griffis, Patrick
Johnson, Heidi
Lambaria, Kate
Luesebrink, Michael
Skarl, Susie
Wainscott, Sue
Mongraphic Acquisitions
Carranto, Cris
Crawford, Greg
Music Library
Platte, Michael
Scholarly Communication Initiatives
Lutz, Kelly
Murray, Matthew
Novak, John
Shinozaki, Yuko
Wirth, Andrea
Special Collections Public Services
Brownlee, Delores
Chung, Su Kim
Schwartz, David
White, Claytee
Special Collections Technical Services
Frazier, Michael
Irwin, Karla
Kim, Tammi
Light, Michelle
Mayes, Aaron
Michel, Peter
Moore, Joyce
Shein, Cyndi
Barragato, Chris
Clark, Mark
Costello, Kristen
Fox, John
Stevens, Sandra
Werra, Dan
Teacher Development and Resource Library
Keller, Katherine
Melilli, Amanda
User Services
Church, Jennifer
Green, Huston
Heaton, Shelley
Hendrix, Stormye
Revis, Ryan
Seda, Marice
Tran, David
Woods, Frieda
Web and Application Development Services
Becker, David
Trzcinka, Adam
Wang, Johnny
Yunkin, Michael
Zhang, Hong