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October 24 - International Day of Climate Action: Documenting Environmental Activism in Special Collections

By Su Kim Chung on October 23, 2015 2:28 PM | Permalink

Wild horses roam the Nevada Test Site. U.S. Department of Energy Photograph Collection on the Nevada Test Site PH-00282

In honor of International Day of Climate Action  on October 24, archival collections assistant Lindsay Oden ('15 MA History) has written a thoughtful blog post on our many important collections that document the history of environmental activism work in Las Vegas and southern Nevada.

As Oden notes, "These collections help researchers explore how and why Southern Nevada became such a highly contested region to activists, anti-war protesters, and the military. Moreover, these collections illustrate fundamental aspects about Nevada’s history: they portray complicated interplays between humanity and the land, indigenous and non-indigenous settlers, humans and animals, and scientific curiosity and compassionate caution." 

To read the complete story check out "Activism in the Archives" on the UNLV News web site.