How Do I Participate in the Serials Review Project 2024

It is important to the serials review process that we receive faculty and student feedback. We need to know which journal subscriptions and databases hold value and relevance to your classes, curriculums, and research in your field. Due to inflation, stagnant budgets, and possible cuts to acquisition funds, all journal titles and databases—over 9,000 subscriptions and 700 databases—will undergo review.

Please complete the serials review feedback survey by submitting up to 10 journals and up to 10 databases that are relevant for your teaching or research. The deadline to complete the survey is April 26, 2024.

Instructions for filling out the feedback survey

  • The titles do not need to be in any ranked order.
  • There is also a space for any additional comments such as titles you feel can be canceled or rationale for your decisions that you wish to share.
  • On the survey, please include your name and department affiliation and indicate whether you are faculty, staff or student.
  • If you are responding on behalf of a group, such as a center or department, please include those details.
  • Anonymous forms will not be included in the final data tabulation.

Database and journal lists

To help students, faculty and departments compile lists, the Libraries has created extensive lists of journals and databases which are organized by the following broad categories.

Journals to review spreadsheets

Databases to review spreadsheets

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