Serials Review Project 2024

As UNLV moves forward in uncertain budget times, the University Libraries is proactively addressing potential impacts on our collection acquisitions funding. Inflation's impact on content costs, continued flat budgets, and the possibility of a reduced collection acquisition base budget requires strategic planning for cuts to our collections.

Contractual obligations to our journal and database vendors specify timeframes in which to renew or cancel resources. These timeframes may not align with the evolving budget situation, and so it is necessary for us to proceed with planning for cuts now, ahead of firm budget figures. Undertaking this project now will mean we will be well positioned to respond to the budget as it is finalized. 

In response to ongoing inflation (on average $450k annually) and multi-year flat budgets, the Libraries is preparing for potential cuts to collections. However, the exact extent will not be known until June or July 2024. Cutting resources from the collections requires difficult choices. Your input is crucial for informed decision-making in this challenging environment. Our strategy involves minimizing the impacts of these cuts through a combination of reducing book acquisitions and canceling subscriptions to journals and databases.

The University Libraries remain committed to providing the research resources you need as the Libraries collections are central to ensuring UNLV remains an R1 institution. We work constantly to maximize the value of the collections budget through robust negotiations with vendors to cap inflation and leveraging the buying power of our consortial partnerships including the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA). Our discovery environment enables patrons to search and identify needed articles regardless of whether they are held by UNLV Libraries. And our Interlibrary Loan department can provide electronic delivery of any needed journal article from outside our collections within 24 to 48 hours from request.

Parallel to peer R1 institutions, the Libraries is also committed to many open access initiatives as a way to bring about change in the scholarly communication system. We work to inform and educate the UNLV community on how to share their scholarship widely, and the benefits of doing so. By shifting the business and financial models of journal subscriptions we hope to build a more sustainable and equitable system that will free libraries of untenable subscription models and pricing. 

It is vital that the Libraries receives input from faculty, students, and staff. To participate, please complete the serials review feedback survey by April 26, 2024. Find more information about providing feedback and the timeline for the review.

Journals to review spreadsheets

Databases to review spreadsheets

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration as we make these difficult decisions. Questions about the review may be directed to: 

Cory Tucker, Head of Collections, Interlibrary Loan, and Acquisitions
Phone: 702-895-2133
Or the subject liaison librarian for your discipline

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