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Call Number:

HT867 .S58 1971

Slavery, source material and critical literature   

Lost Cause Press



Subject Category:

Ethnic Studies, History Great Britain, History US, History World, Social Conditions

Collection Dates:

01/01/1733 - 12/31/1935


UNLV Microforms


The bulk of this collection spans the 19th century. Items composing this collection have been selected from Dwight L. Dumond's A Bibliography of Antislavery Literature in America and the subject group "Slavery" in the Library of Congress Card Catalog. Included are publications of the Anti-slavery Society, speeches by John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, recollections of abolitionists, histories of underground railroads, plays about slaves, letters of travelers, and materials from other parts of the world especially the West Indies and South America.

Finding Aids:

Slavery : source material and critical literature : a list of microfiche editions (MICRO HT867 .S58 1986 vols. 1 and 2 Guide). There are two volumes to this guide. Volume 1 chronicles a comprehensive listing of units 1 through 15 with unit 16 listed in the back. Volume 2 features unit 17. There are catalog cards for subject, author, and title access located by the assistance counter.

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