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B945 .P4 1977

Works. 1977. Microfiche collection : complete published works, including selected secondary materials / Charles Sanders Peirce   

Johnson Associates, 1977.



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01/01/1858 - 12/31/1914


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This 149 fiche set is the complete published works, including secondary materials of Charles Sanders Pierce. Charles Pierce is most noted for being a logician, mathematician, and a philosopher. However, his interests included: geodesy, astronomy, chemistry, psychology, metaphysics, history of science, engineering, inventions, photometric research, and gravity. Pierce was a prominent reviewer of books for "The Nation." Included in this set are book reviews, reports of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, articles published in various journals about philosophy, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, and science. Some publications are in the French and German Languages. This collection features some of the Atlantic Almanacs, The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia (1889-fiche 47-88); and a partial Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology (1902-fiche 123-128). Fiche are primarily in a chronological sequence from 1858 to 1914.

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