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Call Number:

PS653 .A48 1967

American fiction, 1774 - 1900   

Research Publications, 1967



Subject Category:

Literature, Social Conditions

Collection Dates:

01/01/1774 - 12/31/1900


UNLV Microforms


This comprehensive microfilm set includes approximately 10,800 titles of prose fiction written by Americans between 1774 and 1900. Genres include: novels, romances, tales, short stories, fictitious biographies, travels, sketches, and allegories. The collection reflects the changing themes in American literature from novels on daily life and manners during the early period to fictional response to the winds of political and social change in the mid-1800s. After the Civil War, regional works such as those of Samuel Clemens grew in favor. These were pre-empted in the late 1800's by those reflecting the socioeconomic turmoil of the era.

Finding Aids:

All records for this collection are accessible through the library catalog. Records can be searched by keyword, title, and author. American Fiction 1774-1900 Cumulative Author Index to the Microfilm Collection by Lyle Wright (MICRO Z1231.F4 W95). Wright's three bibliographies to American fiction between 1774 and 1900 can also be used for the full bibliographic citations (MICRO Z1231.F4 W9, MICRO Z1231.F4 W92, MICRO Z 1231.F4 W93.) Americna Fiction Volume III 1876 - 1900 reel guide (MICRO Z 1231.F4 W933 v. 3). There are catalog cards for author and title access located by the assistance counter.

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