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HV8144.M37 L48 1996 Letters received by the Attorney General, 1809-1870. Western law and order University Publications of America
Subject Category: Ethnic Studies, History US, History US West, Law & Legal History
Collection Dates: 01/01/1809 - 12/31/1870
Location: UNLV Microforms

This 11 reel collection contains letters received by the Attorney General over a 60 year period relation to Arizona Territory, Arkansas, California, Colorado Territory, Dakota Territory, Idaho Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana Territory, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico Territory, Oregon, Texas, Utah Territory, Washington Territory, and Wyoming Territory. Items include letters form officials, forms, reports, affidavits, and oaths of office. Topics include: judicial organization and establishment of law and order in the territories; enforcement of fugitive slave laws; Civil War era confiscations and Confederate sympathizers; interaction of military authority and civil law in the West; lawsuits brought against military personnel by private citizens; Hispanic affairs and boarder conflicts between the United States and Mexico; misconduct and questionable financial activities of territorial officials; privacy cases; vigilance committees; and land claims and ejectment of settlers from reservations.

Finding Aids: Letters received by the Attorney General, 1809 - 1870: Western Law and Order [MICRO HV8144 .M37 L48 1996 Guide]. Includes introduction, reel index, principal correspondents index and subject index.

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