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Call Number:

E183.8.M6 U597 1960

Records of the Department of State relating to political relations between the United States and Mexico, 1910-29   

National Archives (M314, 29 reels)



Subject Category:

History World

Collection Dates:

01/01/1910 - 12/31/1929


UNLV Microforms


This 29 reel collection contains records that include mostly instructions to and dispatches from diplomatic and consular officials; and the correspondence, reports and journals of various boundary commissions. Also included are: notes between the Department of State and diplomatic foreign representatives in the United States, memoranda prepared by officials of the Department , and correspondence with officials of other governments and with private firms and individuals. Boundary questions, including land and water boundaries (i.e. navigation, diversion of waters), are primarily featured. Commerce, immigration, naturalization, hunting and fishing treaties, and other relations are highlighted as well. An introduction to this series and contents list of each reel is located at the beginning of reel 1.

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