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Call Number:

PN5124.W6 W65x 1992 pt.2

Women advising women. pt. 2   



Subject Category:

History Great Britain, Literature, Music, Women's Studies

Collection Dates:

01/01/1599 - 12/31/1842


UNLV Microforms


This 20 reel collection focuses primarily on the period of 1599-1842. It features prescriptive literature and conduct books, including household manuals; letter writing manuals, guidance books on marriage and child rearing; advice books on diet, health and law; guides to the education of young women; and description of correct moral behavior; songbooks written for women; and women's literature and fashion. pt. 2 - reel 1. Women's rights & status -- reel 2. Marriage, women & the law -- reel 3. Mothers and daughters -- reel 4. Education -- reel 5-6. Religion and morality -- reel 7-8. Cookery and domestic life -- reel 9. Letter writing: language and literature -- reel 10-11. Language and literature -- reel 12-13. Entertainment; Fashion and society -- reel 14. Miscellanea -- reel 15-20. Almanacs for women.

Finding Aids:

Women advising women (MICRO PN5124.W6 W66x 1992 pt.2). Guide includes detailed list of reel contents as well as publisher's note.

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