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Call Number:

DA690.E118 R4x 1400a

Records of an English village : [Earls Colne, 1400-1750 / edited by Alan Macfarlane]   

Cambridge : Chadwyck-Healey



Subject Category:

History Great Britain

Collection Dates:

01/01/1400 - 12/31/1750


UNLV Microforms


This collection's aim is to reconstruct as fully as possible the lives of the individuals who lived in Earls Colne, Essex, England. The records of this village are divided into three categories: Church, State, and Estate. Included in this collection are: maps of the area, a date index, a name index, a place index, and an individuals index. v. 1. Church records (sheets 1-19) -- v. 2. State records (sheets 20-30) -- v. 3. Estate records. pt. 1. 1603-1750 (sheets 31-49). pt. 2. 1450-1602 (sheets 50-68) -- Maps (sheets 69-70) -- Date index (sheets 71-78) -- Name index (sheets 79-96) -- Subject index (sheets 97-108) -- Land index (sheets 109-111) -- Place index (sheets 112-113) --Individual index (sheets 114 -126)

Finding Aids:

Guide to Records of and English village: Earls Colne, 1400 - 1750, three volumes (MICRO DA690.E118 R4x 1400a v. 1 - 3 Guide). Volume one contains Church records; volume two contains State records, and volume 3 contains Estate records. Guides also feature references and further readings, a glossary, conventions and abbreviations, and a section on how to use and a list of the microfiche.

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