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Call Number:

AN3 .E34

Eighteenth century provincial newspapers in association with the British Library NEWSPLAN. Bath papers, Bath, England   

Brighton, Sussex, England : Harvester Microform



Subject Category:

History Great Britain

Collection Dates:

01/01/1744 - 12/31/1800


UNLV Microforms


This is part of a collection that brings together all known issues of newspapers for a broad range of towns throughout England, and offers a distinctive and unrivaled insight into all areas of life in the provinces, often playing a significant role in local political and economic debate. The identity and date of the first English provincial newspaper is uncertain, but by 1712, fifteen newspapers had been established, and by the end of the century there were well over fifty. In the second half of the eighteenth century, the provincial papers' earliest dependence on London publications decreased; and emphasized greater concentration on local news. Local essays, letters, and numerous local advertisements are featured. General contents and details of any untraced or missing issues; and original location of every issue are listed at the beginning of each reel. reel 1-14. Bath journal, 1744-1800 -- reel 15. Bath advertiser, 1755-1760. Bath chronicle, or, Universal register, 1760. Martin's Bath chronicle, 1763. Farley's Bath journal,1756 -- reel 16-26. Bath chronicle and weekly gazette, 1760-1800 -- reel 27. Salmon's mercury, or, Entertaining repository, 1777-1781 -- reel 28. Bath register and western advertiser, 1792-1793 -- reel 29-31. Bath herald, 1792-1800.

Finding Aids:

Eighteenth century English provincial newspapers: Series one: Bath newspapers (MICRO AN3 .E34 Guide).

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