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Call Number:

DA400 .T537 1742a

A collection of the state papers of John Thurloe ... : containing authentic memorials of the English affairs from the year 1638, to the restoration of King Charles II / published from the originals, formerly in the library of John lord Somers ...   

London : Printed for the executor of F. Gyles



Subject Category:

History Great Britain, History World

Collection Dates:

01/01/1638 - 12/31/1660


UNLV Microforms


This 200 (7 volume) microfiche collection contains "authentic" memorials of English affairs from 1638 to the restoration of King Charles II(1660). Arranged chronologically, the collection has numerous original letters and papers from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Earl of Shelburn. Other items include: 1) letters written by the Council of State during the two protectorates of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, and John Thurloe; 2) letters from English ambassadors, envoys, generals, admirals etc. during the period in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, and Russia; 3) letters from the military; 4) letters from the governors and officials of New England, Jamaica, Barbadoes; 5) intercepted letters for different persons at home and abroad; 6) letters relating to plots; 7) orders of parliament; 8) treaties, memorials, etc.; and 9) accounts of revenues of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Finding Aids:

Each microfiche volume has a complete index.

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