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Call Number:

UA24.A7 A553x 1846a

Indexes to letters received by the Office of the Adjutant General : main series 1846, 1861-1889.   

National Archives (M725, 9 reels)



Subject Category:

History US, History US West

Collection Dates:

01/01/1846 - 12/31/1889


UNLV Microforms


This microfilm publication reproduces 32 volumes of indexes to the letters received by The Adjutant General's Office for the years 1846 and 1861-89. The name indexes are in 30 volumes, one for each year, and the subject indexes are in 2 volumes, one each for the period 1861-70 and for the year 1871. The index volumes were originally numbered to correspond to the volume numbers of the Registers of Letters Received. To prevent confusion when referring to volume numbers, the index volumes have been renumbered by the National Archives in one continous sequence from 1 to 32. The entries in the indexes are generally arranged in alphabetical order by the first two letters. The 1846 volume, compiled after 1861, is a name index and entries refer exclusively to persons by names or titles. From 1861 to 1864, the indexes refer chiefly to persons by names or titles, but include a limited number of titles of offices and subjects appearing in the letters or in the endorsements. Inserted at the beginning of the 1846 index volume is a supplement, consisting chiefly of three name indexes (one for each year, 1846-48) of field officers who submitted reports or journals relating to principal battles and expeditions of the Mexican War. There is also a chronological list of engagements during the year 1847, and a list of reports transmitted by Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott. Reel 1, v. 1. name index 1846; v. 2-3. Subject indexes, 1861-71. -- Reel 2. v. 4-7. Name indexes, 1861-64. -- Reel 3. v. 8-10. Name indexes 1865-67. -- Reel 4. v. 11-15. Name indexes, 1868-72. -- Reel 5. v. 16-19. Name indexes, 1873-76. -- Reel 6. v. 20-23. Name indexes, 1877-80. -- Reel 7. v. 24-26. Name indexes, 1881-83. -- Reel 8. v. 27-29. Name indexes, 1884-86. -- Reel 9. v. 30-32, name indexes, 1887-89.

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Guide available [MICRO UA24.A7 A553x 1864a]

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