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E457.32 .L416 1993

A Lincoln learner's original   

Greensboro, N.C. : Schnappsburg University Press : Distributed by Anacomp



Subject Category:

History US

Collection Dates:

01/01/1809 - 12/31/1865


UNLV Microforms


This 35 piece microfiche collection is divided into three parts featuring extensive works about Abraham Lincoln. Part 1 includes: three works by James J. Cathey: Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction; The Genesis Of Lincoln; The Genesis of Lincoln(1939 ed.); and three works by James C. Coggins: Abraham Lincoln A North Carolinian; Abraham Lincoln A North Carolinian With Proof; and The Eugenics of President Abraham Lincoln. Part 2 includes: three works by Ward M. Lamon: Life Of Lincoln; Lamon's Suppressed Chapter XXI, Revised; James Cathey's, The Genesis Of Lincoln (1939 ed.); A.T. Bledsoe's Review Of Lamon's Life Of Lincoln; The Sorrows of Nancy by Lucinda Boyd; The Matrix by Maria Thompson Davies; and The Administrative History of Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace by Gloria Peterson. Part 3 includes: Hernon's Lincoln (first ed. 1889); Nancy Hanks by Caroline Hanks Hitchkock; Reminiscences Of Lincoln by Joshua Speed; The Sad Story of Nancy Hanks by William Coleman; The Traditional Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Cabin by Benjamin H. Davis; The Ancestry Of Abraham Lincoln by Lea and Hutchinson; and The Genesis Of Lincoln (1939 ed.) by James Cathey .

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