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Call Number:

F290.B96 B88 1996

Butler plantation papers: the papers of Pierce Butler (1744-1822) and successors from the Historical Society Pennsylvania   

Adam Matthew Publications



Subject Category:

Ethnic Studies, History US, Social Conditions

Collection Dates:

01/01/1744 - 12/30/1885


UNLV Microforms


This project provides long, detailed runs of documents for the period 1786-1885, concerning the running of the South Carolina and Georgia Estates owned by the Butler family. The plantation managers� correspondence includes the papers of Roswell King and his son, Roswell King junior, Alexander Blue and James M Couper as well as Slave Lists, Slave Registers and Crop and Livestock Reports. This collection enables scholars to build up a complete economic picture of slave holding and the cotton planting business � but the records are also rich in insights into the intellectual and social history of slavery. Scholars can compare these records with Fanny Kemble�s famous Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation 1838-1839 (1863) which describes the same Butler Estates. The project also makes available the political papers of Pierce Butler (1744-1822) and features correspondence with John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Aaron Burr, Albert Gallatin, Thomas Jefferson and General James Wilkinson. This microfilm set will benefit anyone studying Slavery, Plantations and the American South in the period 1787-1804.

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