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GN301 .H86x Human relations area files UMI
Subject Category: Anthropology & Archaeology, Ethnic Studies, History Great Britain, History US, History US West, History World, Native Americans, Social Conditions
Collection Dates: 01/01/1850 - 12/31/1994
Location: UNLV Microforms

This collection organized first into separate cultural files, each of which contains descriptive information on one culture or on a closely related group of cultures. Each distinct culture is designated by a unique letter/number code called OWC (Outline of World Cultures) code. The source materials in each file are organized according to a comprehensive subject classification system presented in the OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials). Each subject classification is designated by a unique number code. Each file contains both a complete, page-order, text copy of every source included in that file, plus a series of numbered category divisions within which all particular subjects are listed to the side of the text to indicate that specific category.

Finding Aids: FINDING AIDS: To locate a topic of category use the index in (OCM) Outline of Cultural Materials (MICRO GN 345.3 .O95). Other helpful finding aids include: (OWC) Outline of World Cultures (MICRO GN 345.3 .M87 1963); Nature and Use of the HRAF FILES: A research and teaching guide (MICRO GN301 .L25 1974). Another finding aid on microfiche is: Index to the Human relations area files (GN301 .H86x). This index updates and replaces the paper index (issued in 1972) and it's supplement (issued in 1979) covers categories through 1983. HRAF source bibliography (REF Z5111 .H73), a two volume set lists all authors in the HRAF files. There are catalog cards for subject, author, and title access located by the assistance counter.

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