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Call Number:

HE2791 G747 1984

Great Northern Railway Company papers part 1, 1862-1922 / editor, W. Thomas White.   

University Publications of America



Subject Category:

Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, History US, History US West, Labor

Collection Dates:

01/01/1862 - 12/31/1922


UNLV Microforms


This 25 reel microfilm collection is divided into three series. Series A focuses on Corporate History which includes minutes of the Board of Directors, by-laws, financing, and other matters vital to the planning and execution of management's policies. Series B documents the experiences of those who worked for the Northern Pacific and is hence labeled the Labor section. Topics in this section include wages and working conditions; labor organizations; strikes; the impact of race, ethnicity, and gender in the workforce; federal intervention and legislation affecting the railroad; and other related matters. Series C focuses on the settlement and development of the territories it serviced. Great Northern launched strenuous campaigns to recruit farmers and others to settle newly opened lands and it played an important role in various irrigation and reclamation projects, primarily on the Great Plains, and west of the Rocky Mountains, on the Great Columbia Plain.

Finding Aids:

Great Northern Railway Company Papers: guide. (MICRO HE2791 .G747 1985 Guide) This guide includes a reel and subject index for each series.

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