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F591 .W4633x

Western Americana: frontier history of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1550-1900.   

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Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, History US, History US West, History World, Native Americans

Collection Dates:

01/01/1550 - 12/31/1900


UNLV Microforms


Over 7,000 titles selected primarily from the collections of the Beineke Library at Yale and the Newberry Library at the University of Chicago compose this collection. These printed sources, ranging from broadsides to congressional reports, cover the discovery, exploration, settlement and development of North America from the Mexican border to the Arctic Ocean and the Mississippi Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Some of the major topics included are: exploration, contact between Indians and whites, the fur trade, the Texas Revolution, the role of the Hudson's Bay Co. in Canada, the mining frontier, the Mormon experience, the railroads, and the sheep and cattle industry.

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All records to this collection may be accessed on-line through Keyword, Author, Subject, and Title fields. Paper copy of Guide: Western Americana: Frontier History of the History of the Trans-Mississippi West 1550 - 1900: Guide and Index the Microfilm Edition (MICRO Z1251.W5 W48, vols. 1 - 2)

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