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Call Number:

E160 .A54 1986

American history and culture: research studies by the National Park Service, 1935-1984.   




Subject Category:

Anthropology & Archaeology, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, History US, History US West, Native Americans

Collection Dates:

01/01/1935 - 12/31/1984


UNLV Microforms


This outstanding collection of over 3,000 microfiche contains research materials on U.S. National Parks, historic sites and structures. Much of the information in each report is the product of original research, observation, and investigation; and some of these reports may provide the only record we have of an event or a vanished structure or site. The content and organization of these unique reports are quite diverse and include a wealth of maps, photos, plans, architectural measured drawings, drawings of objects, bibliographies, letters, diaries, legal documents and complete field records. The library has: Part 7, Midwest Region; Part 8, Southwest Region; Part 9, Rocky Mountain Region; Part 10, Western Region; and Part 11, Pacific Northwest & Alaska Regions.

Finding Aids:

The Cultural Resources Management Bibliography CRBIB) [ E160 .A54 1986 pt.1- 2] is the microfiche access guide to the collection. The index is divided into three parts: the catalog index lists each report chronologically by number, the author index lists each author alphabetically by name for each specific region, and the broad study type index groups various reports geographically by region and broad subject categories which are not in alphabetical order.

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