Music Library Artist Highlight Series: Simón Grossmann

Simón Grossmann

Simon Grossmann is a Venezuelan-American singer and songwriter who is based in Miami.  Like many others, he began his musical journey with a guitar on the edge of his bed but unlike many others he curiously got his first break after performing as a camp counselor at a summer camp. The campers and his co-counselors shared his music, which was enough to inspire Simon to record these songs professionally, giving life to his debut album ”Ciclo” (2017).

His warm voice and powerful songwriting has caught the attention of many, and he has performed all across Latin America and the US. Sometimes described as the “Latin Jack Johnson”, he continues his musical journey having toured for his latest album “Mujer Electrica” (2018). 

You can see him perform two of his songs live in West Little River, Miami, Florida.

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