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Collections as Data: Rethinking the Digital Archive in the Digital Age by Doris Morgan Rueda

Image 1 and 2: Image Montage created using Montage via ImageJ. Top montage uses the costume design sketches, and the bottom uses photographs from the same collection.

In her final blog post, Doris Morgan Rueda considers the issues and problems that…Read More

Collections as Data & Digital History: Moving from Theory to Practice by Doris Morgan Rueda

Homepage collage for the Entertainment Collections

In her introductory blog post, Doris Morgan Rueda provides some perspective on the digital humanities research she has been undertaking this month in Digital Collections working with Thomas Padilla. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in History at UNLV with a concentration in North American Culture and Society and Public History, Morgan Rueda was hired to leverage her scholarly background in history to help us to explore Collections as Data concepts in…Read More

Collection Highlight: Matthew O’Brien Papers by Tammi Kim

Photograph of Matthew O’Brien taken by Danny Mollohan for Beneath the Neon.  From the Matthew O'Brien Papers (MS-00849).

Tammi Kim, Accessioning Archivist in UNLV Libraries Special Collections & Archives, highlights one of the many collections she has organized over the past year. Her work is essential because it enables us to provide access to our donated collections in a timely fashion. 

This blog post highlights one of our recently accessioned collections, the Matthew O’Brien Papers (MS-00849), which provide a glimpse into…Read More

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