Borrowing Guidelines

It is your responsibility to read and comply with these guidelines. Registration for library privileges indicates your agreement for compliance.

Although loan periods vary, all patrons, including faculty, are only guaranteed a loan period of two weeks. Materials are subject to recall if they are needed by another university-affiliated patron, which will generate a new, two week due date.

  • Books that are needed as reserve items are subject to immediate recall.
  • You will be notified if the due date of an item has changed.

You are responsible for all library materials checked out on your card until they are returned to the library and cleared from your account.

Items will only be checked out when the owner of the RebelCard is present. Spouses, other family, or non-proxy assistants will not be honored as delegated authorities for use of anyone's library account.

UNLV's official ID card, the RebelCard, is required for all UNLV students, faculty, and staff. Those users not possessing a RebelCard, regardless of affiliation, must show government-issued photo identification when registering for access or checking items out. There is no exception to this policy.

RebelCards or Government ID's must be physically present. No photographs or photocopies will be accepted.

Additionally, registration of your card requires compliance with the User Conduct Policy.

Holds and recalls

If an item is checked out and you would like to use it, you may place a hold on it through QuickSearch, at the Circulation Desk in Lied Library, or at any branch library service desk. This will generate a recall for the item and shorten the due date of the item to two weeks from the date of request.

Alternatively, desired items may be available through CSN or NSC libraries, interlibrary loan or your local public library. Please, explore all options prior to requesting a previously checked out item and triggering a recall.


All books borrowed from the Library MUST be returned to one of the following libraries.

Books returned to Clark County libraries will remain charged to your card until they reach UNLV Libraries; you are responsible for fees assessed on overdue items.

Search Request

If you think you returned a library item, but it is still showing as checked out to you, please submit a search request form.


Not every item checked out from the university libraries is renewable.

Renewable items may be renewed as many times as allowed by your affiliation with the university. Items that have fines or holds, have been recalled, or have been billed are not eligible for renewal. An item that has reached its maximum number of renewals must be returned to the library so it can be cleared from your account. If the item does not have holds on it, you may check it back out.

Renewals may be granted by library staff in person or over the phone. Unexpired UNLV patrons may also be able to renew your items through your library account by following these renewal instructions.

Our renewals policy is intended to encourage users to return items they are no longer using. Having more books readily available on the libraries' shelves increases the ability of our users to browse the collection and find the materials they need right away, minimizing the need to recall items. Additionally, requiring periodic renewals reduces the number of books lost when our users leave the University. Finally, a controlled physical environment aids in the preservation of our materials for future users.

Due dates

Knowing the due date is your responsibility. Due dates are subject to change. A new due date will be given for recalled books. If you are unsure when an item is due, you may view your record online or contact the Lied Library Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) due dates can be found by logging into your ILLiad account.


Notices are emailed to patrons only as a courtesy. UNLV students, faculty, and staff must use their official email address (Rebelmail or other email of record). Patrons are still responsible for returning overdue library books or payment of any fines or fees incurred even if notices were not sent by the library or noticed by the patron. It is your responsibility to notify the library of any address changes, so that you may receive notification of overdue materials or fines owed.

Fines and lost items

See Fines and lost items

Recovery of materials

Patrons failing to respond to a final demand for payment of library materials will be sent to our collection agency. Collection agency fees are assessed at 50% of the amount owed to the library, in addition to the amount owed. Once your account has been sent to the collection agency, the library is no longer able to negotiate charges.

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact the Lied Library Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111 or

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