Fines & Lost Items

Overdue fines

Type of fineDaily amount per itemApplies to
Books, etc. (Open Stacks & LASR)$0.25Undergrads (UNLV & other NSHE)
Audio/Visual Items$1.00Undergrads (UNLV & other NSHE)
Recall$5.00All Users
Interlibrary Loan$1.00All Users
Leisure Reading$1.00All Users
Type of reserveAmount per itemApplies to
2 hour$1.00 per hourAll Users
24 hour$1.00 per hourAll Users
72 hour$1.00 per hourAll Users
3 day$2.00 per dayAll Users
7 day$2.00 per dayAll Users
Anatomical Models$10.00 per hourAvailable to UNLV Users Only
Laptops, Tablets, & Cameras$10.00 per hourAll Users

There is NO GRACE PERIOD for overdue items. 

Overdue fines continue to accrue on holidays and other days when the library is closed. Books that are returned to a book drop when the library is closed will be checked in, backdated to the last day when the library was open. Books are never due on a day that the library is closed.

All patrons who fail to respond to a recall notice, including faculty, must pay recall fines. Library privileges will be suspended until the recalled item is returned and the fine is paid.

Library privileges will be suspended or revoked if users exceed certain thresholds set by the library. Students owing money to the library will be placed on registrar hold, which prevents registration and course changes. Additionally, diplomas and transcripts will be held until the charges have been completely cleared at the library.

Lost items

Type of replacementReplacement costProcessing fee
RegularCost of item or $70.00$35.00
Interlibrary LoanSet by lending library$35.00
Leisure Reading$70.00$35.00

If a lost item is returned before it is paid for, the bill is canceled and extended use fees are applied.

Payment of charges

Charges fines and fees are to be paid in person or over the phone at Lied Library or the Teacher Development & Resources Library.

Debt recovery agency

If the library is unable to collect payment for fines or unreturned materials, your account may be sent to a debt recovery agency. An agency fees of $10 will be added to the amount owed to the library. Payment for charges and return of missing items is still done directly with the Libraries. Please, contact the Lied Library Billing Specialist via the Circulation Desk at 702-895-2111


Notices are emailed out only as a courtesy. UNLV students, faculty, and staff must use their official email address (Rebelmail or UNLVmail). If you do not receive notices you are still responsible for returning overdue library books or payment of any fines or fees incurred. It is your responsibility to notify the library of any address changes, so that you may receive notification of overdue materials or fines owed.

If your card is lost or stolen, immediately notify the Libraries circulation desk at 702-895-2111.


Fees may be appealed under certain rare circumstances decided on a case-by-case basis.

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