Represent: UNLV Community Selected Collection Pilot

About the Represent pilot program

Represent is a pilot program to add content to the Libraries’ collections that reflects the diversity of UNLV and represents the cultures, histories, and lived experiences of the UNLV Community. Represent is a community selected collection. All content added will come from suggestions from the UNLV community.

In developing this collection the Libraries goals are to :

  • Support UNLV's core values of equity and inclusion
  • Aid in a sense of belonging for those who study, work, and visit UNLV
  • Enable additional selector perspectives into the Libraries’ collecting workflows that will help redress the white euro-centric views that are dominant in the academic literature and thus in the Libraries' general collections

How can I participate?

The Represent pilot was launched in late-March 2023 and content suggestions were collected through April from the UNLV community. We are no longer accepting content suggestions for the pilot but we hope to grow this collection through regular annual calls for content.

The suggestion form is now closed.

Accessing the collection

Many thanks to the members of the UNLV community who suggested content to add to the collection during our first pilot phase. Items have been added to our physical and electronic library based on the preferences noted when the content was suggested.

See what content was added to Represent and how to locate the content in our physical or online libraries.

What content can I suggest?

There are no specific guidelines about what content can be suggested; the only guideline is content that reflects our UNLV community. Content can be academic or popular in nature and could include novels, children's books, biographies, cook books, poetry, movies, music, documentaries. These are just examples and aren't meant to be exhaustive or limit what you recommend to be added.

The Libraries will aim to purchase all suggested content but does reserve the final decision making on what will be purchased informed by the following:

  • Availability of the suggested content. The Libraries will search multiple vendors including out of print vendors but there may be occasions when there is no source for purchase.
  • Cost. If the content is cost-prohibitive and/or the fund is exhausted. We recommend that you submit suggestions for content regardless of its cost. Funding availability may change and we do not want to set specific price ranges for what can be purchased.
  • Alignment with the goals of the program as described above and the vision, mission, and values of UNLV.

The Represent pilot is supported by the Dean’s Libraries Advisory Board funding and other general collection endowment funds.

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