The Musical Instrument Museum Virtual Tour

Looking to take a virtual museum tour? The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), located in Phoenix, Arizona, offers a comprehensive video playlist of its exhibits! 

The Musical Instrument Museum opened on April 24, 2010. MIM’s uniqueness stems from its exhibits that bring instruments from all around the world all in one place. The founder, Robert J. Ulrich gained inspiration from the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels, Belgium. 

MIM has incorporated audiovisual technology into its exhibits in order to fully submerge its guests into the music and their rich backgrounds. The museum finds that too much focus on Western instruments is something that a lot of other museums do, which is why their exhibits are on instruments found globally. 

To take a look at MIM’s many wonders, check out the comprehensive playlist on YouTube which can be found here: 

Find more information on the museum here:

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