Finding Books Video Transcript

This video tutorial demonstrates how to find books using Quick Search.


To find books, you’ll begin by typing keywords into Quick Search on the library website. For example, say you are interested in learning more about driverless cars, you can use “safety and automated cars” as keywords to find information about this topic.

You’ll often see a lot of results. But, you can narrow them down to just books and ebooks. You can do this by choosing books on the right side of the screen under Format, and then clicking “Apply filters”.

Once these results pop up, it is a good time to sign in with your ACE account. Then, take some time to look through your results. When you find one you like, you can click on the title to see important information like location and availability. It also gives you the option to create a computer generated citation. If your book is in LASR, there will be an option for books to be picked up. You can do this by clicking “request” and selecting the UNLV library of your choice.

However, this book is available and in the Lied Library bookstacks area, so you can go ahead and grab it directly from the stacks.

To find out where the book is in the l library, you’ll want to find the Call Number. This is a group of letters and numbers that basically works as the book’s address in the library. You’ll need that number to find the book on the shelf, so make sure you write it down or take a photo of it. There are guides on each floor near the elevators to help you find your book. You can also always ask for help finding it.

You also have the option to access ebooks through QuickSearch. As you look through the results you’ll notice a link to “online access” which will pull up options to link you to the full text of the book. If you’re not on campus, it’s required that you sign in with your ACE account to access the full text of ebooks.

If you have any questions please feel free to click the ‘Ask us” button at the top right hand corner of the screen to contact a librarian by livechat, text, phone, or email. If you’re on campus, drop in help is available on the first floor of Lied Library. You can also check out our other tutorials for more quick and easy help.

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