Day 5: Putting it All Together

Libraries Research Impact Challenge

The challenges for days 1-4 have been focused on making your scholarly research accessible and how those contributions are measured and reported. We’ve covered just some of the ways that you can address the different aspects of research impact, but we are shifting gears for the final challenge. 

Today, we want you to focus on taking what you've learned and putting it into practice. Think back to this week's challenge and consider how you might combine what you learned into telling a compelling story about the reach, significance, and impact of your scholarly or creative work.

Complete today’s challenge

To complete today’s challenge, follow the below steps!

  1. Take a look at some guiding questions to help you think about your narrative
  2. Spend some time reflecting on this week's challenges and the questions
  3. Look back at your past cover letters (or grant applications, tenure packet, etc.) and think about some ways you would like to improve your narrative using what we've covered during the challenge and the guiding questions.

Bonus challenge

Did you like the Research Impact Challenge? Did you not like it? Please, tell us!

Take five minutes to send us some feedback about your experience with the impact challenge, so we can keep it relevant, and make it even better next year!

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