Day 4: Find the Metrics Best for You with Metrics Toolkit

Libraries Research Impact Challenge

What is the Metrics Toolkit?

The Metrics Toolkit is a non-proprietary resource that was developed to help scholars and evaluators understand and use citations, metrics, and altmetrics while using responsible methods in the evaluation of research and scholarly outputs. The toolkit has been in development since early 2018 and was fully released in 2021, but its Editorial Board continues to work on improvements and expansion to the site.

Complete today’s challenge!

Go to the Metrics Toolkit site and select “Browse Metrics” from the top right menu. Follow the steps below to explore this tool.

  1. Pick two metrics from the available list
    1. Try picking at least one that is unfamiliar to you
  2. Read about each metric to learn more about how it works
    1. Pay special attention to the “Appropriate Use Cases”, “Limitations”, and “Inappropriate Use Cases” section to help figure out if this metric will work best for you
    2. Think about how you can use this metric for your next annual evaluation, job application, grant application, or upcoming midtenure/tenure packet. Did you find something that surprised you?
  3. Check out the “Available Metric Sources” for information on where to find this metric
  4. Feel free to continue to explore the toolkit and learn more about other metrics!

Bonus challenge

Take it a step further and check out these additional resources to learn more about metrics!

Events to help with today’s challenge

Faculty Panel
Speakers: Jacimaria Batista, Bradley Marianno, Roberta Sabbath, Kavita Batra
Moderator: Amanda Koziura (Head, Scholarly Communications and Data Services)
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Google Meet

Hear faculty from different colleges on the UNLV campus share how they track and talk about their research impact and how doing so benefited their career.

Recording now available

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