Incorporating Wikipedia Into Your Classroom

This page shares resources created by UNLV Libraries faculty and staff that will provide guidance and structure for instructors interested in utilizing Wikipedia in their classes, whether simply for a day or as a semester-long assignment. Within these resources, you will find links and descriptions for videos, activities, slides, and assignment templates. We highly encourage you to adapt any resources to best suit your needs, as these resources are not meant to be prescriptive or limiting in nature.

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Why Wikipedia?

3 reasons to use Wikipedia in your classroom

  1. Students gain research, attribution, and synthesis skills while sharing paywalled information in a familiar setting. 
  2. Research shows that students feel an increased sense of ownership and pride over work that has a broad audience.
  3. Adding to Wikipedia increases access to information for the public that is often behind paywalls.

3 quick steps to get started

  1. Read an article from each section of the recommended reading list 
  2. Review the Getting Started with Wikipedia printable guide
  3. Browse the lesson plans and activities to see what catches your eye!

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*for a direct link to this table of these resources, check out “Using Wikipedia in the Classroom: A Guide for UNLV instructors”

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